Triple Tuesdays, Dec. 13th, 2016

Triple Tuesdays, Dec. 13th, 2016

Welcome to one of this month's sporadic features, being posted as the songs come in! Triple Tuesdays (or this time, quadruple Tuesdays) is back for the week, featuring Soul Salvation, Despite Everything, Hello Operator, and Drawstring.

Soul Salvation, hailing from Sweden, is an old school playing new school sounding indie rock band. The production on their track "Dream Girl" is exquisite. Full sounding mix, creamy guitars, punchy drums and well mixed vocals round out this song.

Up next, Greece's Despite Everything with "The Joke's On Us". A classic punk song akin to Bad Religion, Good Riddance, or Pennywise, thesong is sure to please punk fans the world around.

Jumping back to bluesy indie rock, we have Britain's Hello Operator and the song "Vex Money". The song is about "a hopeless romantic that was burning a hole in his own pocket."

Another UK based band, the emo/pop punk duo Drawstring, have released their song "School" via Old Press Records. Their album Cool was released earlier this month.

Until next time!