Super Saturdays, October 28th, 2017

Super Saturdays, October 28th, 2017

Welcome back to Super Saturdays everyone! Lets turn up the volume and rock out! Today we'd like to introduce Viretta, Bright Black, and Pale Seas.

First up is Viretta! They're an alternative rock band from Danver, Colorado. "Diana Meyer", their recent single, is about acknowledging mistakes and one-sided love. Check it out!

Up next is Bright Black, a rock band from Milwaukee! Their recent single, "Snake Oil", is about power and cunningness. If you like songs that are smooth but has a bite then you'll want to hear this!

We saved the best for last, Pale Seas, a rock band from Southampton! These guys are truly amazing and they would like to share a song called "Someday" off from their new album Stargazing For Beginners. This song is about being haunted by a past friend or lover. I hope you like what you hear because this song is out of this world!

That's all folks! Thanks for listening and we'll meet again for the next Super Saturdays!