Super Saturdays, October 21, 2017

Super Saturdays, October 21, 2017

Hey there everyone, it's that time again for Super Saturdays! If you've had a slow day then these bands will give you a rock'n boost to make your day fly by. Today we present to you: WALKEN, I The Mighty, and Cold Kingdom. 

For starters we have WALKEN, an alternative rock band from Brisbane, Australia! "Eagle Eye" is a single off of their recent EP called What's Your Environment? This single is about being aware of someone who is watching everything you're doing. A very fun song!

Next up is I The Mighty, an alternative rock band from San Francisco, CA. If you went to Warped Tour in 2014, you might have seen these guys! They'd like to share their first single "Silver Tongues" from their new album called Where the Mind Wants To Go / Where You Let It Go. This song talks about the way we present ourselves to others and our inner values. A really great band you should totally check out!

And lastly, Cold Kingdom, a hard rock band from Minneapolis, MN! Here is a single called "Let It Burn" off of their recent album The Moon And The Fool. The song is full of strong vocals and heavy guitar riffs while they talk about staying alive and trying to find your path. Really cool song!

Thanks for listening everyone and tune in for the next Super Saturdays!