Super Saturdays Nov. 5th, 2016

Super Saturdays Nov. 5th, 2016

Another new feature, we present Super Saturdays! Here we highlight artists that the RMP team and I think have a good chance of making it big. Enjoy!

First we have Mike Hill, an experienced bass player who raised over $40,000 on Kickstarter last year to create his debut album, Love & War. His goal in creating the album was to highlight the most talented musicians he knows, and he did so by having a different guest vocalist on each song. He also worked with producer/songwriter David Kidd, as well as several other songwriters. Love & War will be released next week on iTunes and other digital outlets.

Next we have False Heads with their cut "Weigh In". They aren't your average band – Iggy Pop has called them "the future of rock and roll" – high words of praise, indeed. We can see why though, they bring an infectious blend of rock, grung, and punk (let's talk about that breakdown at 1:54). This is an amazing high energy track that makes me want to bang my head and run in a circle really fast. Together with lots of other people. The song is available now.

Vie Jester is a band with a throwback sound, but nevertheless I think they've got a shot if they keep up the hard work. Their mix may need some imrpovements, it's very dry and lacks life, but the music itself is great. The band definitely needs to learn that reverb won't hurt. But neither do killer riffs and punchy drums, which they have plenty of! The overall arrangement is good as well, and the vocals sit well in the mix. You can pick up the band's EP, Ethces in Aether now on iTunes and Google Play.

Last but not least, the UK's Waiting For Hollywood play hard and fast pop punk in their song "This Town". Aside from the oh-so-stereotypical pop punk song, I found it quite enjoyable to listen to. With the recent resurgence of pop punk in both the US and internationally, I wouldn't be surprised at all if Waiting For Hollywood find themselves touring extensively in support of their next EP, due out in early 2017.