Super Saturdays Nov. 12th, 2016

Super Saturdays Nov. 12th, 2016

I hope you're all having a great day, because it's time for Super Saturdays!

Let's get started with some Australian punk! Keggin, a self described "party band", have released their song "Night of the Living Red". The track, from their EP Fruity Lexia Makes You Sexia, features gruff vocals with a catchy, spooky, punk riff accompanied by organ lines low in the mix. The solo towards the end of the song is simple, but fun to listen to. Keggin is definitely a band to play at your next party!

Next up, the Swedish indie punk band with catchy hooks and a driving beat: Rhymes debut the song "Drama", their first single. It's a dancy, catchy indie song with pop tinges abound. The vocals sometimes stand out of the mix a bit, specifically on the "oh oh, oh oh" parts which sound a bit rough, but aside from that the sound is very well produced and sounds smooth. The simple guitar lead fits the song really well, and anything more complex would have been overkill.

From Atlanta, GA, Broken Factory Windows show that punk is still alive and kicking in the US. Their song "Polar" from the brand new EP Bright Lights, Bright Lights! is similar to what other punk/pop-punk bands such as Teenage Bottlerocket are putting out these days. Simple riffs, catchy lead vocals, big gang vocals, and singing about good times. This is easily one of the best punk songs I've heard in a while. The bass riffs don't disappoint, either.


Until the next Super Saturdays, that's all, folks!