Super Saturdays, March 10th, 2018

Super Saturdays, March 10th, 2018

Welcome back to Super Saturdays! Today's pick for the weekend are Take the Black, Eli, and Glass Tides. Hold on tight because these bands will blow you away.

Take the Black is a rock band from Yonkers, NY. They have a song called "Molly" off of their EP Smoke up, Johnny that talks about, well, smoking. A very catchy song that will get stuck inside your head.

Eli is a one man band from  Adelaide, South Australia. Sharing today, is a song called "Harder Than It Needs To Be". This song is absolutely amazing and I love everything about it! The vocal melodies are beautiful and will have you play the song on repeat.

Glass Tides is an alternative rock band from Adelaide, Australia as well! They would like to share a single called "Forever", which is about dealing with a loss of someone you love. 

That's all for today! See you on the next Super Saturdays!