Super Saturdays, February 24th, 2018

Super Saturdays, February 24th, 2018

It's been quite some time since one of our Super Saturdays features has run, but we're back! Check out Naga Siren, The Young Alaskas, Blue Helix, and Noiseheads with us.

A hardcore punk band from Norway, Naga Siren provides lots of energy. Mixing melodic vocals with in your face screaming, I can only imagine that their live shows are insane.

The Young Alaskas really are young. A pair of twins from New Jersey wrote and recorded "Last Year was My Worst Year" before they turned 18.

Looking for some high-testosterone rock that would fit perfectly in the mid 90s? Look no further than Blue Helix and their song, "Anti-Social Butterfly". Solid vocals lead the band through the song, with a tight band to drive the beat forward.

Noiseheads are a 90s-inspired rock band hailing from Florida. You can check out the video for "Ballad of Me, Myself, and I" below.


That's it for now, until next time on another Super Saturdays folks!