This edition of Super Saturdays is a bit short, with only two songs, but we hope you'll get a kick out of them!

FL based reggae/rock band Jacuzzi Fuzz have released their new song "Hoverboard". This is honestly one of my favorite reggae songs since Ballyhoo! released "Take It Easy" on Pineapple Grenade. "Hoverboard" is one of two new songs released, the other being "In Orbit". The band released a full length, titled The Best Worst Case Scenario, last year.

Part of what Cali Conscious makes from their song "One Love For You" will be donated to Reggae for a Reason, an organization that fights youth homelessness in southern California. The band describes themselves as "barefoot beach reggae", and in the video distributes socks to those in need.

Until the next Super Saturdays!