Super Saturdays, Dec. 31st 2016

Super Saturdays, Dec. 31st 2016

Welcome to the final Super Saturdays of 2016! This week we have The Rift, The Sold! and Bones, AMZY, and 2 a.m. Orchestra

LA based band The Rift have released a re-arrangement/re-mix of their song "Worst of Me", accurately titled "Worst of Me 2". The changes take the song from something that sounds like newer Fall Out Boy to early/mid 90s alt. rock along the lines of Eve 6, The Toadies, and Weezer. I think the changes in arrangement really take this song from decent to stellar and I'm a big fan of the rework, and probably would've even passed on writing about the song had I been sent the original rather than the new version. The band have done amazing job on improving their work! You can buy their record, Inventions, on Bandcamp and follow the band on Facebook.

Legendary LA punk vocalist Billy Bones (of The Skulls) has teamed up with The Sold! to form The Sold! and Bones, a new punk-blues band. Consisting of Easy Lou Jones on guitar, Charles La Ferrera on bass, and Justin McGrath on drums, The Sold! provide an excellent companion to Bones. Bones takes his 40 years of experience and pours them into "Bored in L.A." along with the rest of the band. They are releasing their debut album, Full Circle Suicide, in early 2017. I'm excited to hear more from this band as they keep the music coming.

Hailing from Denver, CO, AMZY provides an upbeat, dancy track called "Words" to the listening public. The track reminds me somewhat of what The Killers could have done, but a bit dancier – perhaps Killers meet Neon Trees. Either way, this is a band to keep an eye on in 2017 as they will no doubt progress quite well. Strong vocals and arrangement will take this band places. You can find them on Facebook and Bandcamp.

For the last song RMP posts in 2016,, from Auckland, NZ, 2 a.m. Orchestra have shared "Heads & Tails". The song is reminiscent of early 2000s alt/emo rock, such as Jimmy Eat World and Motion City Soundtrack. The creative video for the song is quite an interesting watch. You can get the band's latest release on Bandcamp.

That's it for now, until the first Super Saturdays of the new year!