Pop Punk band, Neck Deep, are back with another brand new album, “Life’s Not Out To Get You”, and boy it’s a right corker! It has a much more pop punk feel to it than their previous album “Wishful Thinking”. It makes you dance around more without any care in the world. This is the album where the five-piece is going to get their big break, especially with A Day To Remember’s frontman Jeremy McKinnon, who helped producing the album. The second song, “Threat Level To Midnight” gives your ears the pop punk vibe and you know the album is going to get better and better just by listening to this track. The whole song has effective rhyming all the way through and the song will get stuck in your head all day. The one song that stands out throughout the whole fifteen tracks, which include three acoustic tracks, the sixth track “Lime St.”. The drum work during the whole song is outstanding and the powerful lyrics that tell a whole love story in just three minutes that has happened to one of the members makes this track definitely one to have on repeat all day long.  Neck Deep always include a sappy song in their albums, and this one is called “December”. Vocalist Ben Barlow sings it so beautifully, and a lot of people, boys and girls can relate to the lyrics to this wintery love song. This will definitely be pop punk album of the year by far! Let’s hope their next album will be just as good!

– Holly Reijs