Neck Deep at The Majestic Theatre, Detroit

Neck Deep at The Majestic Theatre, Detroit

This past Friday, I travelled through a blizzard to the Majestic Theatre in Detroit, MI to catch Neck Deep, Seaway, and Creeper. Doors opened at 6:00, and everybody who hadn’t purchased the VIP tickets were allowed inside. 



I already had some level of familiarity with Creeper, as some of my best friends are completely in love with their music. I had never taken the time to check out their music, but I immediately regretted that as the band took the stage. Washed in purple lights, the band started to play, and the crowd began to dance. Despite having a relatively small stage area for the group of six, Creeper’s stage presence were incredible. Using the risers at the front of the stage to their full potential, several spins and jumps from the band members, and plenty of crowd engagement, Creeper know exactly what they’re doing onstage, and it shows. As their set continued, I heard several people around me asking, “Who are these guys!?” and I was ridiculously proud to be able to tell them, “That’s Creeper.” As an opening act, Creeper’s set only lasted roughly half an hour, which was way too short. I am beyond excited to have them return to the area as headliners, which they absolutely will. These six musicians from the UK are destined for huge things in the very near future. 



Oh, boy. As Seaway took to the stage, I felt an excitement I haven’t felt in years. The five piece from Toronto are quite possibly going to go down in history as one of the best pop punk acts of all time. Playing songs both old and new, there were several points throughout the set where the crowd were louder than the band. Blasting through songs such as “Something Wonderful”, “London”, and “Lula on The Beach”, the crowd was jumping in the air more often than not. While the vocals were occasionally too quiet, it really wasn’t an issue as the crowd were too busy screaming every word to notice. You could tell that the excitement was building more and more as the night progressed. As Seaway closed their set and thanked Neck Deep for bringing them out on tour, I’m sure you could have heard the crowd’s cheers all the way in Chicago. If you haven’t gotten behind this band yet, make sure to do it.


Neck Deep

Rolling out a little bit before 10pm, the room became significantly larger as Neck Deep took to the stage, as everyone rushed toward the front to be as close as possible to the pop punk legends from the UK. Watching from the back of the room, I took great joy in seeing everyone jumping around, having fun, and singing every word to every song. The band clearly enjoyed what they were doing, as all of them had huge smiles on their faces as they played through each song. Having to leave early to head to work, I was super disappointed to have to head out. It was truly a great time watching these guys do their thing. I’ll be downloading all of their albums in order to prepare for the next time I go to see Neck Deep, because I definitely won’t miss them next time they’re around. If you’re debating on going to see them, do it. You won’t regret it.