Starting Metal Mondays with a galloping beat, we have Calligram and their single "Bed of Nails", featured on their new EP, Demimonde. The London based consists of members from England, Italy, Brazil, and France, and are a self-proclaimed punk rock/black metal band. One note is that although the black metal influences are there, they seem to be more of a hardcore band to me. In addition to "Bed of Nails", there are four other tracks on the EP – including my favorite, "Drowned". The EP is available for download now via the band's Bandcamp, and a 12" release will be available at the end of the year.

Turkish solo artist Kivanc Kilicer, formerly from the band Element, has released a new track titled "Devil's Thought". The song features classic metal riffs, doubled leads, and more. All writing and recording is done by Kilicer himself in his home studio, making this a true one man band. The song is part of the three track EP, Dew on Roses, available now on iTunes and Amazon.

Until the next session of Metal Mondays!