Metal Mondays, Jan 23rd, 2017

Metal Mondays, Jan 23rd, 2017

For this edition of Metal Mondays, we have Fatally Yours, Final Drive, Deconbrio, and Atlanta is Burning.

Maryland hard rockers Fatally Yours recently released a video for their song, "Damn Your Eyes". Consisting of members formerly of the bands Bleed the Dream and Voodoo Blue, Fatally Yours provides powerful lyrics over solid, heavy riffs.

Though they only list Pantera, Clutch, Slayer, and AC/DC as influences, I hear quite a bit of Slipknot in Final Drive's new song "This is How". Mostly in the arrangement, but also in the mix and even the vocal sound. I'll let you all decide for what you think, but I really think Corey Taylor could be replaced by Jordan, the vocalist for Final Drive, if Taylor ever decided to leave Slipknot.

Deconbrio have dropped their new track "The Secret". This one reminds me a lot of Emigrate, the side project of Rammstein guitarist Richard Kruspe.

My favorite song out of the bunch (I have a bias towards bands that sound like they could play Warped Tour, as I was on the tour for a few years), Atlanta Is Burning's "Broadway". Though I think the clean vocals could definitely use some improvement, overall it's a really solid recording.

Until next week for another Metal Mondays!