Metal Mondays, Dec. 19th, 2016

Metal Mondays, Dec. 19th, 2016

In what will most likely be the last Metal Mondays feature of the year, we have some kickass new music from Sworn to Secrecy, as well as tracks from Autocatalytica, A Proper Burial, and Rebel Machine.

Based in Newcastle, the UK act Sworn to Secrecy will be a hit for fans of Architects or other modern metalcore acts. Consisting of Logan Cox on vocals, Dominic Whillians on rhythm, Patrick Morton playing lead, and with Tommy Lee on drums and Matthew Gunnion playing bass to hold down the rhythm section, the brand new band formed earlier this year seems to hold lots of promise. Listen to "Tie A Rope" below and keep an eye on them in 2017!

Brooklyn band Autocatalytica have released their potentially final album, Vicissitudes. Though frontman/producer Eric Thorfinnson hopes to continue the project, the band completed the new record after the tragic loss of their guitarist, Erik Sorensen, in 2015. Whether Thorfinnson decides to press on with the band, or leave the project alone with Vicissitudes as a final goodbye to Sorensen, only time will tell. What's for sure is that this is a band who will sorely be missed if they don't continue their efforts. You can listen to the track "Mondoslam" below.

Metalcore/hardcore duo A Proper Burial have shared their first single, "Floor 25", with us. The song comes from their debut EP, God of the Pavement Below, and introduces us to their sound, which is self described as being influenced by "the embarrassed remnants of old Crabcore bands" such as Beartooth.

Last but not least, we take things down a notch to a more classic sound with Brazilian act Rebel Machine. With riffs straight out of the 80s and 90s and powerful vocals, the band's song "Don't Tell Me I'm Wrong" makes me want to listen to more grunge/hard rock such as early Foo Fighters or late 80s metal. The production and arrangement in the song are right in the pocket, I could listen to it all day.

That's all for this Metal Mondays, until next year!