K.Flay – Every Where Is Some Where

K.Flay – Every Where Is Some Where

Illinois indie hip hop artist K.Flay is a name that has been thrown around heavily in the underground hip hop scene since 2009, but one that rarely seemed to be mentioned by mainstream radio DJs until recently. A successful debut major label album in 2014 led to widespread recognition and new connections. From here, she found herself opening on sold out tours for the likes of Twenty One Pilots and PVRIS, making her future look brighter by the day. Does Every Where Is Some Where live up to the hype? 

I'll admit that when I was approached to review her sophomore album, I'd never heard K.Flay before. Less than halfway through the first track of this album, I was already kicking myself for that oversight. Her sound combines the darker, hollow pop sounds of artists like Lights and Hozier while utilizing the hip hop production of acts like Twenty One Pilots. This combination makes for an unexpectedly fresh and rock-tinged pop record that's not to be missed. There wasn't a single moment during my multiple plays of this record that I wasn't engaged. The mixing and arrangements are minimalistic, but rarely ever allow the songs to feel empty. There's always a clear path and a reason for the songs to be the way they are. Anti-anthems like "Giver" and "High Enough", as well as rockers like "Blood In The Cut" beg to be performed live with their infectious melodies. The rap tracks like "Champagne" and "You Felt Right" interspursed throughout bring a passion and raw energy not found in the rap scene dominated by 'Future' and 'Drake' clones that seem all too happy to keep things mellow and fairly emotionless. The varying genre switches don't stop there though. Tracks like "Hollywood Forever" and "It's Just A Lot" evoke a feel similar to Switchfoot of all bands, reminding me of classic songs of theirs like "Stitches" and "Happy Is A Yuppie Word." I can't find a single major issue with this album, which is a testament to the production and performances of everyone involved.

This album can easily be considered a gateway drug to this darker brand of pop. From deep lyrical themes and infectious hooks to near flawless production, every song feels deliberately placed and there isn't a single song that I would label as filler. Every Where Is Some Where is out April 7th through Interscope Records and on all major digital outlets.

Standout tracks: Dreamers, Giver, High Enough, It's Just A Lot, You Felt Right

Rating: 9/10

Check out K.Flay on tour throughout Australia this may.