Ieper Hardcore Fest 2018

Ieper Hardcore Fest 2018

Ieper Hardcore Fest has become a legendary name in the underground DIY festival circuit. With visitors from all over the globe coming over for the weekend to a small historical town in Flanders Belgium, Ieper Hardcore Fest grew into a three day happening of worldwide hardcore. Following the DIY ethic the festival is held for the 26th time in 2018 and all thanks to the hard work and dedication of the originators and their legion of helping hands. What started as a small festival in a local youth club grew into this yearly collaboration of two DIY collectives hailing from the Ypres region bringing together an impressive roster of bands to perform over the weekend.

And once again 2018 holds some true gems in it’s lineup. Whether you like your hardcore old school or you’re more into the more heavier sounds, Ieper Hardcore Fest will cater your needs.

Kicking off on Friday 10th of August a diverse selection of bands grace the different stages with their performances. Local Flemish rippers such as Crowsview and Maudlin are present to rip you a new one amidst legends such as Discharge, Doom, Oi Polloi and of course headliner Shelter that are playing one of three shows planned for Europe this year. A chance you can’t miss.

Saturday 11th of August the feast continues and Ypres will tremble once again under the thundering sounds of Belgian mincecore godfathers Agathocles. If they haven’t destroyed all then local H8000 bands as Crossface, Turbowarriors Of Steel and Headshot will gladly gather their hordes of followers to finish the job. If anything left Wisdoms In Chains is waiting on you to present their new album or what about Jasta to end of your Saturday at Ieper Hardcore Fest.

On Sunday 12th the gathering reaches it’s final day with another series of killer acts, a few personal favorites to see are Vonnis, Merauder, Comeback Kid, Coffins, Darkside NYC and festival headliner Converge.

Quite an impressive lineup but that’s not all, Ieper Hardcore Fest is More Than Music, there’s also the delicious vegan food provided by the Ieper food team, homegrown and made with tons of love and of course the fourth stage, The More Than Music tent where several ngo’s and others man the stands to inform the public about different topics. Ranging from veganism to more political, the MTM tent is open to all to discuss their thoughts or to find knowledge on many topics be it by pamphlets, speakers or just supporting a cause by signing a petition. Ieper Hardcore Fest has it all and is inviting you to join in, the music may be loud but the crowd isn’t.

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