“Loved Loss” is the latest EP from Belgium hardcore punks Homer. The band has been paving the way for Belgian hardcore and punk for over 17 years and vocalist Johan even runs his own record label named Funtime records. So these guys have earned their merits in the scene long time ago, and still continue to amaze the scene with their epic live performances. And now with a new EP called “Loved Loss”. Six new tracks will make you jump in the pit and wreak havoc on all around. Homer's typical style of hardcore and punk rock with the trademark vocals of Johan ranging from straight-up screaming to melodic clean parts are being supported by the magnificent musical talent that this bands holds. The guitar parts sound better than ever before, the drums are spot on the beat, not too much, precise and all leading to one epic release by Belgium's pride. If you haven't seen Homer live over the years then 2016 is the year you need to drag your ass out there and witness this live monster. You won't regret it, RMP guaranteed.