DREAMCAR Live at St. Andrews Hall, Detroit, MI

DREAMCAR Live at St. Andrews Hall, Detroit, MI

Members of No Doubt and AFI took the stage at St. Andrews Hall on Friday, May 26th as DREAMCAR, a group comprising of Tony Kanal, Adrian Young, and Tom Dumont of No Doubt and AFI frontman Davey Havok.

Within the first few seconds of "After I Confessed", the entire crowd began to dance. Despite only being half-full, the room was filled to the brim with energy and excitement. 

Vocalist Davey Havok is known for his captivating stage presence, but his theatrical charm as he powered through each song was unparalelled. I found myself smiling and laughing as he engaged with multiple members of the audience in relation to each song.

Bassist Tony Kanal and guitarist Tom Dumont have an easily visible rapport onstage. Occasionally visiting each other to play face to face, several times through the set I was delighted to see them smiling and having fun, clearly happy with what they were doing. It was relieving to see the band enjoying themselves, as opposed to the "I'm so serious" attitude that seems to accompany a lot of bands these days. 

Drummer Adrian Young was on his game. Behind a red kit adorned with sparkles, he managed to play with effortless precision and a variety of facial expressions, which are often the best part of watching drummers do what they do best.

Overall, this show was a lot of fun. There was no roughness in the crowd, everybody was smiling and dancing, the band were on point, and even the venue staff seemed to be having a good time. If you didn't catch them on this past tour, you truly missed out. 

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