Dissecting Sum 41’s new album “Order In Decline”

Dissecting Sum 41’s new album “Order In Decline”

Sum 41 is back. And this time, you really can’t call it a Sum-Back…

Why? Because they were never gone.

After the venerable Canadian pop punk band dropped 13 Voices in 2016, they toured relentlessly for two years, then went straight into the studio to begin working on Order In Decline.

The result is one of their heaviest, most masterful albums yet.

Sum 41 mixes the heavier songs like “Out For Blood(which has a super poppy chorus), “A Death in the Family“, and “Eat You Alive” with other sounds, such as “The New Sensation” which seems to blend influences from fellow pop punk act Green Day as well as Muse, which leads to a very interesting mix of sounds.

Of course, Sum 41 also brings their classic sound to the album in the form of “The People Vs…” before turning to a more brooding sound to close out the album with “Catching Fire“.

One last mention, the band takes a brazen stance against the current political situation in the US, with “45 (A Matter of Time)” being boldly open about the band’s (justified) feelings. “The People Vs…” seems to be on a similar note as well, showing that Sum really is on the side of the people.

Order In Decline drops on Friday, July 19th, 2019. You can preoder or pre-save it here. I highly recommend it!