Crowsview – Interview Ieper Hardcore Fest 2018

Crowsview – Interview Ieper Hardcore Fest 2018

Crowsview are a five piece metal/hardcore inspired band from Roeselare, deep in the Belgian H8000 territory. They have been crushing stages for a couple of years with their brutal sound inspired by H8000 bands, Kickback and Arkangel to name a few. Ieper Hardcore Fest also must have noticed the hard working ethos and talent of Crowsview. They were invited to open the Main Stage on Friday. RMP Magazine caught up with guitar player Bart to discuss their upcoming release of their abum Lost Resistance and more.

On September 8th you’re releasing your new album, Lost Resistance. Congratuations. Featuring 8 songs and a release show in De Verlichte Geest, Roeselare. Tell us why everyone should be present?

The choice for De Verlichte Geest was obvious. Most of our band hails from Roeselare and have been going over there and seeing shows for years. We’ve worked really hard to get our album ready in time and so we hope to make it a great party. We’ve chosen for a diverse line up and after the show me and Dieter intend to deejay some records to keep the party going.

Lost Resistance is self released?

There have been some vague talks with a few labels but in the end we decided to release it ourselves. This way we could keep better control of everything and it enabled us to release the album a lot faster. It’s quite a complicated process, as we’ve experienced, to get all the paperwork done but we’ve learned a lot along the way.

The artwork for Lost Resistance is pretty dark in a way, it features a winged Madonna bleeding from the eyes, holding a goatheaded child amidst bones below. Not an everyday image, what motivated this artwork?

Jeroen was knew of the work of CLLK artwork. Pretty quickly we agreed to let him design something for us. We all agreed that it needed to be quite dark. We are really pleased of his work. Totally our style.

On Lost Resistance you’ve worked with two guest vocalists. Namely Ché Snelting (Herder) and Ross Demon (Length Of Time). How was the collaboration?

It went great. We’ve known Ché and Ross for quite a while and next to being talented vocalists each of them are also awesome guys. We’ve contacted them and they were in it for it immediatly.

They came down together to the Hearse studio and everything was recorded pretty fast. Afterwards we’ve went to go eat some fries and had an amazing night witht them. Ché also was really hungry that night.

Things are going fast for Crowsview, you’ve recently played a show opening for Agnostic Front and Merauder, what’s next?

It was quite an honour for us. They’re not the leastest of bands to play with. When i’ve learned about Agnostic Front in my younger years i never could have imagined that one day i’d be playing with them on the same line up and definitely not in Roeselare. It was an amazing night. Really nice people too.

Crowsview hails from Roeselare, H8000 area. How big of an influence was the H8000 scene to Crowsview?

For most of us it all started with the H8000 bands from when we were younger. Bands like Congress, Liar, Sektor, Spirit Of Youth, Deformity and many others have certainly inspired us musically. But those aren’t the only bands that have inspired us,

You’ve all played in different bands before and earned your stripes, Core Of Anger, Victim Eyes,… But what was the motivation for the formation of Crowsview?

I missed performing and creating music, so i persuaded Pieter to have a jam session. The song The Proposal pretty quickly came out of it. After a few rehearsals Jeroen and Dieter joined and we started writing songs. After a difficult search for a fitting vocalist we’ve found Kevin.

If you had to set a goal for Crowsview, where would you want to see the band go in the future?

We just want to play a lot of great line ups on shows and festivals to amuse ourselves. Just playing with awesome bands and playing fun locations.

Any other local bands we need to check out?

The Curse Of Millhaven, Senter, Lost Baron.

Last words or thanks you’d like to share?

Big thanks to everyone that collaborated on our album. The people setting up all the shows and last but not least all the people coming down to our shows.