Bowling For Soup

Bowling For Soup

Twenty years and twelve studio albums… quite the accomplishment! Everyone’s favorite Texans decided to mark this phenomenal milestone by releasing a compilation by the name of "Songs That People Actually Liked: Volume 1 (1994-2003)". It is packed with hits, from start to finish. We caught up with the guys to talk about the record, the years on the road together and whether they ever did get the girl all the bad guys wanted!

  1. Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to talk to me! How’s 2015 going so far?

Things are great! We’re really excited about upcoming stuff!


  1. What was the main reason for deciding to stop touring? Was it something that you’d been thinking about for a while?

We haven’t stopped touring at all… In fact, we are booking US dates as I type this… We just need a break from the international stuff, being gone for a month at a time, when you are where we are in our lives it can be really gruelling… That said, we will be back! 


  1. What’s the main thing you have learned from twenty plus years of touring?

Beer is good!!! 


  1. If you could be in any band other than BFS, which would it be?

People on Vacation or Jarinus! Haha…Dreams come true!!!


  1. Do you have a favourite place over the world to play?

I do… I love Manchester, UK… The crowd is so amazing and the show always has the best vibe.


  1. After 12 studio albums and twenty years as a band, you have quite a catalogue to draw from, did you ever get tired of playing the older songs?

There are a few that we have shelved for a few years. That said, you’ve got to play what people want to hear. Bands that don’t play their hits are dummies! 


  1. Are there any current bands that particularly inspire you?

I LOVE Frank Turner. He makes me love music for so many reasons! 


  1. Do you still want the girl all the bad guys want? Or are you looking for someone more conventional?

That girl is a bitch!


  1. Have you got any plans outside of Bowling For Soup? If so, what are planning to do?

The new People On Vacation album just came out there today and we leave for tour in the UK in a few weeks. Then I will start touring with BFS again. Shit never stops!


  1. Thanks for talking with me. Have you got anything to say to your fans?

Thank you! And yes I do! Thank you for giving BFS a career. We will see you soon!

– David Marote