• All New Hopes - Dead To Me

    All New Hopes is an alternative band from Mesa, Arizona! This is "Dead To Me" off of their new EP, which is also called "Dead To Me". What I love most about this song is their upbeat energy through out the music! It's fast and punchy! 
  • HAVVK - If I Don't Tell You

    HAVVK is at it again! They have released their third single "If I Don't Tell You" off of their upcoming album Cause & Effect. Personally speaking, this is the best single released off of this album so far! The album doesn't come out until November 22, 2019 so we'll have to be patient. For new listeners, HAVVK is an alternative band from London. To learn more about HAVVK, you can check out their Facebook page!
  • Kissing The Klepto - Northern Philadelphia

    Kissing The Klepto is a rad Pop-punk band from Delco! They have a new song called "Northern Philadelphia". I love everything about this because it has that classic Pop-punk sound that you can't turn away from.
  • HAVVK - Birds On A Wire

    HAVVK is back with a new song called "Birds On A Wire"! As I listened to the song it felt chilling yet soothing once I got farther into the song. For those who are unfamiliar with HAVVK, they are an alternative band from London.
  • HAVVK - Always The Same

    HAVVK comes back with a new single called "Always The Same"! For those who are new to HAVVK, they are an alternative indie band from London. Julie Hough, the singer of HAVVK, has a beautiful and powerful voice as she sings about society problems that are faced every day. 
  • Red Morning Light - Over And Confused

    Red Morning Light is a rock band from Adelaide, Australia. They have released a new single called "Over And Confused". Listening to this song, I've noticed how well the music flows perfectly and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!
  • YONAKA - Creature

    YONAKA is an alternative band from Brighton. This is their amazing new song "Creature"! I find the song very catchy, especially the chorus; but what I enjoy the most is how the vocals blend perfectly with the music!

  • Kashmere - Anaesthesia

    Kashmere is an Indie rock band from Stockport, North West UK. They have an amazing new song that will remind you of a mixture of Duran Duran and The Smithereens, and it's called "Anaesthesia"! I absolutely love everything about this song and I think you will too.
  • Inkblot Astronaut - Id2

    Here is a rock band called Inkblot Astronaut and they came out with a new song called "Id2". The song itself has a smooth blend of rhythm and beat, as well as great harmony within the vocals. Enjoy!
  • The Syndicate - Heart Of Stone

    The Syndicate is a one-man band from London. His new song "Heart Of Stone" brings my inner goth out because it reminds me of bands such as Depeche Mode!