• Living With Lions - Second Narrows

    From just north of the border in Vancouver, Canada, Living With Lions have released "Second Narrows". The song named after a bridge in their hometown is the first single off of their upcoming fifth album, Island, which is due out on September 14th!
  • Foxbat - White T(h)rash

    Not many bands have gotten me to say, "holy shit, I want to post this!" Foxbat is one of the bands that has. They're the reason RMP is on SubmitHub - to find amazing new talent.
  • Everyone Loves a Villain

    From the Pacific Northwest, Everyone Loves a Villain delivers a whopping punch of modern metal. They may be from a small city in the middle of nowhere, but the sound is big enough to fill an arena.
  • The American Classic - Losing Years

    Based in and around Portland, Maine, The American Classic delivers a mix of pop, rock, and pop punk in their song "Losing Years". The song is off of their new EP, Blossom, which you can pick up on iTunes and stream on Spotify!
  • Brigades - Turmoil

    In advance of their upcoming release of True Blue, the South Carolina-based band Brigades have released a video for their single "Turmoil".
    The EP drops on July 27th, and you can listen to another single, "Sucker", as well as pre-order the EP on Bandcamp.