• Signaal/Ruis - 20180427

    You can now listen to Signaal/Ruis, a Belgian music show on Radio Scorpio, their show from last friday 27 April. The tracklist includes: Nest Egg, Howrah, Melkbelly, Ganser, Wooden Shjips and more.
  • Walls - "Ball & Chain, Such A Weight"

    The Belgian hardcore band Walls has released a video for "Ball & Chain, Such A Weight". It's the 3th and last video from their "Cult Of The Weary" EP.
  • Ballyhoo! - I Don't Wanna Go

    You're in for a treat, Ballyhoo! You might have seen them perform on Warped Tour recently in 2016 or may already know about them and are hardcore fans; but for those of you who don't know these guys, they are a rock band from Aberdeen, MD. They have released a new single called "I Don't Wanna Go" and I have to tell you this song is very catchy! You will want to put this song on repeat.
  • zebrastrap - Bliss/ery

    zebrastrap, based in Kuwait, shares their latest single Bliss/ery. What stands out most about this single is how smooth the vocal melodies blend with each other, and if you like a good song with soothing vocals, then you'll want to check these guys out!
  • Our Last Night - Ivory Tower

    Warped Tour faves Our Last Night put out a single called "Ivory Tower" last year. It's a 10/10 banger, if you're into metalcore you'll be a big fan of this track. I'd also be surprised if you aren't familiar with OLN - if you weren't, now you are!