• HAVVK - Glass

    HAVVK are an amazing alternative band from London and are sharing with us again! We're in for a treat because here is their new single called "Glass"! What I personally love most about the band is the uniqueness and the beautiful vocals.
  • ROA - Ushism

    ROA are a shamisen punk rock band from Japan! Check out their latest song "Ushism", the song is really unlike anything I've heard before and I really enjoy the blend of the melodies! Enjoy!
  • Living With Lions - Second Narrows

    From just north of the border in Vancouver, Canada, Living With Lions have released "Second Narrows". The song named after a bridge in their hometown is the first single off of their upcoming fifth album, Island, which is due out on September 14th!
  • Foxbat - White T(h)rash

    Not many bands have gotten me to say, "holy shit, I want to post this!" Foxbat is one of the bands that has. They're the reason RMP is on SubmitHub - to find amazing new talent.
  • Everyone Loves a Villain

    From the Pacific Northwest, Everyone Loves a Villain delivers a whopping punch of modern metal. They may be from a small city in the middle of nowhere, but the sound is big enough to fill an arena.