• Blue Helix - "Anti-Social Butterfly"

    Looking for some high-testosterone rock that would fit perfectly in the mid 90s? Look no further than Blue Helix and their song, "Anti-Social Butterfly". Solid vocals lead the band through the song, with a tight band to drive the beat forward.
  • Naga Siren - "Discard Me"

    Naga Siren, a hardcore punk band from Norway, provides lots of energy. Mixing melodic vocals with in your face screaming, I can only imagine that their live shows are insane.
  • Silent Runners - "Nobody Here"

    Silent Runners are a darkwave band from Amsterdam. Their dark synth sound will bring back your fond memories of bands such as Depeche Mode, you'll want to dance the night away forever! They just put a new album out and we're excited for you to hear one of their songs off the album called "Nobody Here".
  • Vazum - "What a Lovely Time"

    VAZUM is a one man rock band. Zach Pliska, the man himself, shares "What a Lovely Time"; a featured song off of his upcoming EP. The song is heavy with grudge-like guitar tones and chilling vocals. If you dig what you hear, the EP will be released Febuary 10th, 2018!