• The Memoirs - Fear On The Rise

    The Memoirs are an Alt-rock band from Nottingham! So great to be sharing another song from them, this song is called "Fear On The Rise" and you're going to love it as much as I do!
  • Beartooth - Disease

    If you aren't familiar with this band then you need to tune in! Beartooth is a Metalcore band from Columbus, Ohio. They recently came out with a song called "Disease" and it's killer! 
  • HAVVK - Glass

    HAVVK are an amazing alternative band from London and are sharing with us again! We're in for a treat because here is their new single called "Glass"! What I personally love most about the band is the uniqueness and the beautiful vocals.
  • ROA - Ushism

    ROA are a shamisen punk rock band from Japan! Check out their latest song "Ushism", the song is really unlike anything I've heard before and I really enjoy the blend of the melodies! Enjoy!
  • Tuckered Out - Ever Be

    Tuckered Out are a rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They have a new album called Weekend In Fishton and this is "Ever Be". The song is full of wonderful vocal melodies and a strong belief of home is something you should hold onto and appreciate.
  • Ballyhoo! - I Don't Wanna Go

    You're in for a treat, Ballyhoo! You might have seen them perform on Warped Tour recently in 2016 or may already know about them and are hardcore fans; but for those of you who don't know these guys, they are a rock band from Aberdeen, MD. They have released a new single called "I Don't Wanna Go" and I have to tell you this song is very catchy! You will want to put this song on repeat.
  • zebrastrap - Bliss/ery

    zebrastrap, based in Kuwait, shares their latest single Bliss/ery. What stands out most about this single is how smooth the vocal melodies blend with each other, and if you like a good song with soothing vocals, then you'll want to check these guys out!
  • Eli - "Harder Than It Needs To Be"

    Eli is a one man band from Adelaide, South Australia. Sharing today, is a song called "Harder Than It Needs To Be". This song is absolutely amazing and I love everything about it! The vocal melodies are beautiful and will have you play the song on repeat.
  • Glass Tides - "Forever"

    Glass Tides is an alternative rock band from Adelaide, Australia! They would like to share a single called "Forever", which is about dealing with a loss of someone you love.
  • Take the Black - 'Molly'

    Take the Black is a rock band from Yonkers, NY. They have a song called "Molly" off of their EP Smoke up, Johnny that talks about, well, smoking. A very catchy song that will get stuck inside your head.