• Ballyhoo! - I Don't Wanna Go

    You're in for a treat, Ballyhoo! You might have seen them perform on Warped Tour recently in 2016 or may already know about them and are hardcore fans; but for those of you who don't know these guys, they are a rock band from Aberdeen, MD. They have released a new single called "I Don't Wanna Go" and I have to tell you this song is very catchy! You will want to put this song on repeat.
  • zebrastrap - Bliss/ery

    zebrastrap, based in Kuwait, shares their latest single Bliss/ery. What stands out most about this single is how smooth the vocal melodies blend with each other, and if you like a good song with soothing vocals, then you'll want to check these guys out!
  • Eli - "Harder Than It Needs To Be"

    Eli is a one man band from Adelaide, South Australia. Sharing today, is a song called "Harder Than It Needs To Be". This song is absolutely amazing and I love everything about it! The vocal melodies are beautiful and will have you play the song on repeat.
  • Glass Tides - "Forever"

    Glass Tides is an alternative rock band from Adelaide, Australia! They would like to share a single called "Forever", which is about dealing with a loss of someone you love.
  • Take the Black - 'Molly'

    Take the Black is a rock band from Yonkers, NY. They have a song called "Molly" off of their EP Smoke up, Johnny that talks about, well, smoking. A very catchy song that will get stuck inside your head.
  • Silent Runners - "Nobody Here"

    Silent Runners are a darkwave band from Amsterdam. Their dark synth sound will bring back your fond memories of bands such as Depeche Mode, you'll want to dance the night away forever! They just put a new album out and we're excited for you to hear one of their songs off the album called "Nobody Here".
  • Vazum - "What a Lovely Time"

    VAZUM is a one man rock band. Zach Pliska, the man himself, shares "What a Lovely Time"; a featured song off of his upcoming EP. The song is heavy with grudge-like guitar tones and chilling vocals. If you dig what you hear, the EP will be released Febuary 10th, 2018!
  • The Lotus - "Perfect Love"

    The Lotus are an alternative rock band from Italy who wish to share their recent single "Perfect Love". The song talks about love, need, and desire. This band is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend them!
  • Lost In Stereo - "Tear Out the Pages"

    Lost In Stereo are a pop-punk band from Glasgow, Scotland. Here we have "Tear Out the Pages", a song off of their upcoming EP release Famous Last Words coming out September 29th! Fun and full of high energy, this song will make you want to jump up and pump your fists in the air.