• Nicolas Maul - Jeden Moment

    German solo artist Nicolas Maul recently dropped a new song, "Jeden Moment" (Every Moment). The songwriter showcases his skill writing a mellow pop song that has a solid beat. Take a listen!
  • 18th & Addison - Time Bomb

    New Jersey duo 18th & Addison shared their new video for "Time Bomb" with us. Their EP Vultures drops on June 1st. Check it out!
  • Fifth Dawn - Defying Symmetry

    Fifth Dawn, a hard rock band from Sydney, Australia, has dropped their single "Defying Symmetry". With powerful, layered vocals, the band brings back memories of Evanescence and Flyleaf. Enjoy!
  • Gravemind - Lifelike

    Australian deathcore act Gravemind dropped a video for their single "Lifelike". Check it out!
  • 2nd Strike - Night Walk

    Danish alt-rock band 2nd Strike have released a video for their song "Night Walk". The hard hitting, dark yet poppy song brings comparisons of Muse (music) and New Politics (vocals/saturation). Overall, this is a band to keep an eye on - "Night Walk" is just the start.
  • deelanZ - Authenticity

    deelanZ submitted their song "Authenticity" for our listening pleasure. The song is a nice '90s throwback, blending various elements. You could almost imagine the singer of Dirty Heads singing over an Everlast riff at certain times. There's also a great RHCP shoutout around the 1:30 mark.