• Fifth Dawn - Defying Symmetry

    Fifth Dawn, a hard rock band from Sydney, Australia, has dropped their single "Defying Symmetry". With powerful, layered vocals, the band brings back memories of Evanescence and Flyleaf. Enjoy!
  • Gravemind - Lifelike

    Australian deathcore act Gravemind dropped a video for their single "Lifelike". Check it out!
  • Signaal/Ruis - 20180511

    You can now listen to Signaal/Ruis, a Belgian music show on Radio Scorpio, their show from last friday 11 May. The tracklist includes: The Dreebs, MNNQNS, Bodega, Just Mustard, Connections and more.

  • Sjock Festival 2018

    At the beginning of summer, a small Belgium town in the 'Stille Kempen' is not so quit any longer. Hordes of raging Rockabilly fans, Punks, Metalheads and many more music loves have found the path to this three day celebration of all things rocking in the lovely town of Gierle.
  • 2nd Strike - Night Walk

    Danish alt-rock band 2nd Strike have released a video for their song "Night Walk". The hard hitting, dark yet poppy song brings comparisons of Muse (music) and New Politics (vocals/saturation). Overall, this is a band to keep an eye on - "Night Walk" is just the start.